Payments & Adjustments Page

Enter payments, print receipts, and add adjustments using the Payments & Adjustments page.

Enter Payments & Adjustments:

To begin, select Payments & Adjustments at the top of your screen.

Under Financials select payments & adjustments


Choose a Primary Purchaser from the drop-down and a Co-Purchaser, if applicable.

These fields will be pre-populated if you've already assigned someone to these roles on the Family & Friends page.

You also have the ability to choose a Due By date.

Select the calendar icon to select the date.

The Due By date will populate on the contract for you and the family to see.

Choose the due by date


Adding a Payment:

To add a payment, select Add Transaction > Add Payments.

Add payments



Enter the Payment Method, Payment Amount, Payment Date, Payer, and other details.

People already listed in Family & Friends will show in the Payer drop-down.

If you need to add another Payer, you can select Other-Person.

Additional fields will appear for you to enter the new Payer's information.

First Name, Last Name, and Relationship are are required fields and whomever you add will be added to the Family & Friends page.

Payment fields


Once you've finished entering the Payment and Payer details, Save.

If you'd like to print a payment receipt, select the Settings gear iconsettings icon and choose Receipt from the drop-down.

Arrow pointing to receipt

Adding an Adjustment, Interest or Refund:

Select Add Transaction and choose Add Adjustments, Add Interest or Add Refunds.


Options under add transaction


Reduce the total amount the family owes.

While Adjustment Amount and Payment Date are the only required fields, we recommend you include a reason why the discount is being made in the Details or Memo line.This way you'll know what the adjustment was for later when looking back through your financials.

Once you Save, the current balance owed will decrease by the adjustment amount.

Updated balance displayed


Increases the total amount the family owes. Manually add interest to this specific case by entering the Interest Amount and Payment Date and including a Memo.

Select Save, and the current balance will increase based on the interest amount entered.

Increaded current balance displayed


 If you'd like to apply interest to multiple cases at the same time, we have an interest feature we can set up for you. For more information, see Apply Interest to a Balance.


Refunds allow you to note any reimbursements made to the family if they've overpaid. Payment Amount, Refund Date, and Recipient are all required fields.

You can include a Check # or Memo as well, if you'd like.

Once saved, the refund to the Payer will show and the current balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Updated balance displayed


Accounting History:

In the Accounting History section, select Detailed History to see the detailed list of what has been added or changed on the case's Payments & Adjustments page and who changed it.

You can also select Add to Accounting Export if you're not using the automatic accounting feature and you'd like to export the case to your external Accounting software see, Export an Accounting Export.

Detailed history and add to accounting export


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