Add or Edit a Price List Item

Add or edit information on any price list item.

Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

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Filter Price List Items:

Filter your price list items so they're easy to locate.

First, go to Admin > Price Lists.

Price Lists under Admin tab dropdown


Select Filter Items and choose one or several of the options provided > Show In a New Tab.

Filter Items button, Show In a New Tab button


Save and Name the new tab.gif for saving and naming the new tab


Add or Edit Price List Items:

You can add a new item by selecting Add an Item or update an existing one by selecting the title of the item.

Either way, a screen will appear for you to add or edit the Product Details.

Add an Item button


Product Details:

Here, you can add or update the Product Name and Description.

✔️ If you want to have the ability to edit the name on the goods & services page, check the box for Allow override name.

✔️ If the item is a container, check the box for Is this a container? Then select the Container Type from the drop-down.

✔️ Select the Associated Tax Table. More than likely, it will be default or not taxed.

✔️ Check the box if This is a cash advance item.

Product details window


Product Categorization:

This section helps categorize where the item will appear on the contract. 

✔️ Select the Category the item belongs in.  

✔️ For the Goods and Services Section, select Funeral Home Charges, unless it's a cash advance or discount, then select an option from the drop-down.

✔️ If it's a Cash Advance item, leave the SFG Section blank, otherwise select the appropriate option from the drop-down.

✔️ If this item will only need to appear in certain Branches, check the corresponding branches from the drop-down.

Product Categorization window


Product Pricing:

The pricing is the amount the funeral home will charge the family.

✔️ For a Fixed Price, you'll update the Price of the item.

✔️ If you ever need to adjust the quantity of an item, check the box for FDs can enter quantity.

✔️ Then select the Unit type. For example, if this was for the visitation, you might select Hour as the unit option.

✔️ If using Passare's accounting feature, select the Associated Sales Account (if unsure, ask your administrator or contact Passare). 

Product Pricing window


Discretionary Price:

Allows you to adjust the price of the item on the contract.

✔️ Enter the Allow prices between amounts. The standard is "$0.00 - $ 99,999.99," but it can be any amount you choose.    

✔️ The Default Price will be the amount that first appears when the item is added to the goods & services.

✔️ Same as the Fixed Price, you can choose FD's can enter quantity and the Associated Sales Account.

Product Pricing window

Tiered Price:

Allows you to set variable pricing based on the quantity selected.

✔️ Enter the Base price of the first tier and the appropriate unit for your item (for example: $12 for the first death certificate).

✔️ Add a price tier for each variable, indicating at which quantity that secondary price goes into effect (for example: $4 per additional certificate copy).

✔️ Add additional tiers, depending on how many variables you need to account for.

✔️ Establish a minimum charge, which typically equals your base price, and how many items that base price applies to.

✔️ Select an Associated Sales Account.

The screenshot below shows tiered pricing for a Death Certificate priced at $12 first copy/$4 additional copies.

Tiered pricing screen


Product Cost:

The cost is the amount the funeral home purchased the item for. Some funeral homes will utilize this section for revenue reporting.

Product Cost window


Learn more about how to Schedule New Pricing.


Upload an image of the product for reference.

Be sure it's a clear image so your staff knows what the merchandise looks like.

You can also manage where this picture is shown under the Visibility section shown below.

Upload Image button



Add specific information about the manufacturer. We suggest keeping the name similar to the product name so it won't be confusing when it appears on the contract.

Optional Details section



Control where the item will appear. The standard will be to show on all Case and Disposition Types. 

Also, you can select where the image and item will appear under Other Options.

Show Item in Price List needs to always be checked because your item will not show on the Goods & Services Page if it isn't.Visibility settings



This is for your survey reports, which is a system report you can pull out of Passare.

When you sell this item, the amount and item will go to the survey report to help you keep track of what you are selling.

Check the boxes for the survey columns you want this item to appear on. 

Reports settings


Learn more about how to Run & Configure Survey Reports.


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