Customize template categories and documents

Organize your templates and documents in custom categories that make the most sense for your business.

    Create, edit, and arrange template categories

    To access Templates, go to Admin > Documents.


    Select Template Categories.

    Add a new category:

    Type in the name of the template you want to add in, New Template Category, and select Add!


    Edit an existing category:

    Select the category you wish to edit.

    Make the desired changes and select Save.

    Change title


    Delete a category:

    Select the Trash icon under the Remove column.

    Remember, you will not be able to delete a category until templates within the category are reassigned to another category.



    Note: Print Materials, Operational Forms, and Government Forms categories cannot be edited or deleted.

    Commonly asked questions:

    Why can't I see and manage my templates and documents?

    You may want to check and see if your permissions are set up correctly for you to have access. If you are unsure, give our support team a call!

    Why can't I delete certain categories?

    There are two reasons you might not be able to delete a category:

    1. The category may be in use or have templates in it! To delete, be sure all forms have been moved to another category and are not in use.
    2. If the category is managed and updated by Passare (Operational Forms, Government Forms, or Print Materials), you cannot edit or delete it. 


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