How to Edit Roles & Permissions

Access Denied? Define Roles and Permissions to best suit your business needs.

    Let's define a few things:

    • A Role in Passare is similar to a job title that typically reflects the responsibilities of that person within the organization.
    • Permissions are Role-specific, extremely flexible, and allow Administrators to choose the appropriate level of access for features and functions.

    How to Create a Role and Assign Permissions:

    To create a Role, go to Admin > Organization > Roles & Permissions.

    Next, click Create Role.

    Pro Tip: Organizations with multiple locations will need to create Roles at the Highest Organization level.

    From the Role Manager page, you will Name the Role and assign Permissions.

    There are two areas of Permissions:

    • Under This Role Can drop-down, these Permissions deal with the administrative side of Passare, such as the ability to Delete and Restore Cases.
    • In This Role Has The Following Permissions box, there are checkboxes that are more case-specific, such as access to Goods & Services.

    Read-Only options will give users access to the page but they will not be able to change anything on the page.

    Note: If you select the checkbox at the top of the list, such as All Reports, all the boxes underneath will automatically be checked. 

    How to Assign Roles to Users:

    Now that you've defined the Role, it's time to assign to a specific User.

    Go to Admin > Users.

    Click Invite A User.

    On the Invite User page, fill out First Name, Last Name, and Email.

    Under Manage Access, the Role drop-down will have all the Roles you have created. Select the appropriate Role for the User.

    If the user is assigned to multiple locations, different Roles can be chosen per organization.

    Click Invite.

    How to Manage an Existing Users Role:

    Did someones Role change? Easily change Roles by going to Admin > Users.

    Click on Manage Access to the right of the User's name.

    Select the new Role!

    Do they need access to another one of your funeral homes? Select My Organizations.

    Select the Organization and choose the Role the user will need for that location.


    If the user no longer needs access to one or your Organizations or is no longer working at the funeral home select the Trash Can to the right of the Role.

    If you remove the user from all of the Organizations the user will become inactive in Passare.

    Need More Information?:

    Roles & Permissions FAQs


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