Send Survey Checkbox

The Send Survey checkbox name is a tad confusing, so we wanted to clarify the actual purpose behind the little box!

The Send Survey Checkbox on the Case Sidebar within a case does NOT send a follow-up survey to the family. Actually, this checkbox is used to populate a column in User Reports with a Yes/No depending on whether it is checked or not.


As with many features in Passare, the Send Survey Checkbox comes with options.

First, go to Admin > Organization > Other Options.

Your choices are:

  1. Check the Check Send Survey on Case Information Sidebar on All Cases Upon Case Creation button and the box will always be checked on the case sidebar for every case, OR
  2. Leave it unchecked, and you will have to manually check the box within every case you want included in the User Report.

In the above scenario, the Send Survey Checkbox will automatically be checked in every case.


When you create a User Report with the Send Survey column selected, the column will either have a Yes or No.


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