Send Survey Checkbox

The Send Survey checkbox on the Case Sidebar is used to populate a User Report column. If the checkbox is checked it will indicate that you want to send a survey for that case.

Send Survey Settings:

First, go to Admin > Organization > Other Options.

Your options are:

  • To check the box for Send Survey on Case Information Sidebar on All Cases Upon Case Creation, so the box will be checked for every case.
  • OR, leave it unchecked. If you leave it unchecked you'll still be able to manually check the box for the cases you want to appear on the User Report to send the survey for.


You can find the Send Survey Checkbox on the Case Information sidebar on every page within the case.


Build Your User Report:

When you build your User Report you'll want to add the Case Basic- Send Survey column. 


See: How to Customize User Reports for more information on building reports.


The Send Survey column will either have a Yes or No, indicating whether or not to send a survey for that case.

Need more information?:

How to Run & Configure Survey Reports


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