How to Run & Schedule System Reports

System reports are pre-loaded & configured reports that all Passare customers have the ability to use whenever they need.

    Running System Reports:

    To run a system report, go to System > Reports.


    Select System Reports.


    Select the report you would like to use from the corresponding list.

    Each report will have its own set of basic filters, but you are able to select the Case Types and Branch you want to see in the report.


    Choose which Report Format and Delivery Method you want to use.


    Select a Date Range from a list of various time frames, such as Week to Date or Month to Date.


    You also have the option to create a custom date range. Select the Start Date and End Date, or choose the Export all items up to the selected end date (ignore the start date) option.


    Select your Time Zone to get an accurate report.


    Use the Date Filter On to select which date you want the cases filtered by.

    Note: Some reports will have different filters than the ones listed above. If you are unsure of what information to select or what it means, contact or call 1-800-692-5111!  


    After you make your selections, simply click Run Report, and it will create the report and send it via the delivery method selected.


    After you run your report, you can click Save Configuration to save the configured settings for when you run the report again. It will ask you to name the Configuration.


    Next time you run the report, select Saved Configurations at the top of the page and Run Report to save time.

    You can save multiple configurations for each report, but the configurations will only be for that specific report.

    Schedule to Run Automatically:

    Users have the ability to set up a schedule for System Reports to run automatically.

    Click the On button under Schedule to Run Automatically.

    Select how often you want the report to run and the time of day.


    Then select which day(s) you want the reports to run.


    If you selected Monthly for the Repeat cycle, you will need to select the Start Date for the day you want the cycle to start.


    Select the Time Zone, Report Format, and Delivery Method. If you select Email Report, you can add as many people as you need to the recipient list.

    PDF Format Options:

    If you select PDF as the Report Format, you have the option to format the PDF settings.

    Select the Page Orientation. It can be Portrait or Landscape.

    You can choose Page Size (Letter or Landscape).

    Choose the Margin size, starting with the Top, Right, Bottom, and Left.

    Need More Information?


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