Getting started with Vitals

Enter vitals quickly with the configurable Vitals page. Now, you can hide the fields you don't need and easily find sections you're looking for.

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About Vitals

Vitals combines First Call and Vital Statistics to a single page. It is designed to simplify your first call process through 3 key features:

1️⃣ Page configuration

2️⃣ Field search

3️⃣ Collapsible sections

💡 FYI: Vitals is available on At-Need, Imminent Need, and Trade cases.

Configure Vitals page

Any user with Admin permissions can edit or create new configurations of the page.

To configure the Vitals page, go to Admin > Organization. Select Configure.

Admin > Organization > Configure


Either Add a configuration or click into 'Vitals default' to edit the default configuration.

Add configuration button on Vitals configuration page


Toggle between the page sections on the left side. Check on/off the sections or fields you want visible on Vitals.

Edit configuration by checking or unchecking fields and sections

🔍 You may have noticed... Custom fields and Notes cannot be removed from Vitals.

✋ Wait a second! If you are using an integration, you may want to keep its required fields on your Vitals page. Check out this document for details.


You can also reorder sections by dragging them up and down in the list.

Reorder page sections with drag and drop functionality


Once everything is configured, click Save. Once settings are configured, save


Passare will ask for confirmation. Click Save again. Save configuration confirmation message

⚠️ Heads up! When configuring Vitals, you are only affecting the web app. Mobile and Planning Center pages will be unaffected.


You will be prompted to name your configuration and select branches. With these settings added, click Save.

Assign branches to configuration

🤔 Just so you know... If branches are currently assigned to another Vitals configuration, they will be grayed out. Each branch can only use one Vitals page at a time!


Once saved, your configuration is now listed under Admin > Organization > Configure.

To delete a configuration, simply select the trash can icon from this page.

Delete configuration

Search & collapse

Work through vitals quickly with features like field search and collapsible sections.

Field search

To find a field or section, search for its name in the page search bar, or select from the dropdown.

Click on the field name you want and Passare will highlight it for you.

Search sections and fields on the Vitals page

Collapsible sections

Collapse and expand sections while working through the page.

Each section has a Collapse option, which will hide the section. Click expand to show the section again.

Hide sections of the page with the "Collapse" link


You can also Collapse all or Expand all, which will hide or show all fields of the page, respectively.

Collapse all or Expand all sections of the page with corresponding links


Need More Information?


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