Getting Started With the Care Center

Through the Care Center, you will be able to track the transportation of a decedent as well as the care and preparation of the body.

How to Use the Care Center:

You can locate the Care Center by going to, System > Care Center.


Go to the Care Center within a case.

Also, make sure Care Center Tracking is checked on the Case Information sidebar. Otherwise, the decedent will not appear in the Care Center dashboard.

Start by selecting the Preparation due date, time, and location.

Note: The decedent will only show in the Care Center Dashboard if the Preparation is not complete. 

Add Decedent information, such as race, age, weight, and height.

You can also add the obituary photo. This is a great point of reference if multiple arrangers will be working on the body.   

Within the Care Center, you will see all of the tabs where information can be added.

There is a lot of information that can be included on each tab. While it is not all required, we do suggest filling out as much information as possible to get the most out of your reporting and forms.

The Care Center can also help legally protect you and your business by ensuring all applicable information is saved in one place and time-stamped for liability.


This tab will include the First Call and Transfer Details.

You can also add Personal Items Removed with Decedent, such as a wedding ring, necklace, etc. Select if these will be Returned to the Family or Disposed of.

You can have someone sign when the items are returned to the family to show they were responsible for the return. There is also an option to print the Personal Items Record, a list of all of the items and what to do with them. 


Add all of the Pre-Embalming and Embalming Procedure details.

Use the Body Markings to indicate if the decedent has a tattoo, scar, or if an incision was made.

Click anywhere on the body to add a comment. 


Dressing can be used to describe the outfit the decedent will be buried in.

Personal Items can be added here as well.


Add additional pictures to show what the family would like the decedent's hair and makeup to look like.


Don't forget the additional Event details under Cremation Tracking.


The merchandise will pull from the Goods & Services. If you have not added any goods and services in the case, nothing will appear.

Also see, How to Setup Checklist & Merchandise for the Care Center.


The Tracking tab includes information from the Passare App.

See Getting Started with the Passare App and How to Create a Case on the Passare App

Notes & Checklists:

Add internal Notes and Checklists specific to the Care Center.

Need More Information?

How to Configure the Care Center Dashboard


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