2021 - Release notes

12/29/2021 - Planning Center updates

What's new:

  • When a family sends an email through the Planning Center a reply button will now be available in email so the funeral home can easily respond to the family.
  • We added "Other" as a relationship option in the Planning Center
  • When an obituary photo is uploaded it will now show under case files as well as the obituary page.
  • You’ll now be notified when the family uploads a document in the Planning Center.
  • When a Planning Center text invite has been sent it'll show on the activity feed.
  • When an eSignature document has been sent or signed it'll show on the activity feed.
  • You can now print the Funeral Details section on the Collaboration page.

12/23/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • Accounting exports by default will no longer include financial info from deleted cases. Unless the user checks to Include deleted cases in the export, under Other Options on the report setup.

  • The quantity for discretionary items on the Goods and Services page can now display 4 characters instead of 3.

  • City, State, and Zip can now be separated into their own user report fields. This will be available for all roles, including aftercare follow-up representatives, appointed representatives, DC recipients, informant, pet owner, primary purchaser, survey recipient, and venue fields.
  • We’re including more results in the Global search and adding a scrollbar.

12/17/2021 - Passare update

What's new:

  • We're adding a Do not contact checkbox to acquaintances.  This check box can be seen on any page that a family or friend can be added or edited.
  • You can now print Location Events History, Tracking ID, and Personal Items from the tracking page in the Care Center.

11/15/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • You can now add a column to your survey reports to show contract totals, minus cash advances and taxes.
  • We updated the disposition address to always send EDRS the crematory as the location of disposition.

10/20/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We've expanded our contract item reporting capability. You can now create user reports to report on info related to price list settings.

  • Introducing multiple survey reports! Create multiple reports and include as many columns as you need to customize your reporting. See how to create multiple survey reports for more info.

10/04/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated some of the System Reports to include all case types. The reports will default to all case types but can be filtered.
  • We added the ability to see Service Providers information in the Funeral Options > Add Service modal.
  • We are updating the Payments & Adjustments page to show the required documents for a CLAIMCHECK Assignment.

9/22/2021 - Planning Center updates

What's new:

  • We added a Parents tab in the Planning Center. Families can now confirm or add legal parent info to use for the death certificate.

  • Is your bio included in your Passare profile? If so, families can now view it in the Planning Center.

  • If you have multiple locations with different logo’s you can now include the logo for each location in the Planning Center.

  • Cases now automatically lock in the Planning Center after 60 days. So, the family can’t make changes after the case is closed.

9/20/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated the Edit Checks link on the Goods & Services to show only when two conditions are met:

    • You have permissions for check writing.

    • A check was created on the Goods & Services page.

  • We removed an extra comma from the DC Recipient report to help streamline mail merges.

  • You can now export Tax agency vendor information from Passare to your QuickBooks.

  • The History of US Military Service question on the Vital Statistics page will no longer default to No. Veteran Page will still only be visible when Yes is selected.

9/7/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • When creating or updating your password you’ll now see fields verifying you’ve met all password requirements.

  • We added a Funeral Options page to Imminent-need cases!

8/27/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We removed custom locations from the tracking filter on the case listing widget to make tracking locations added in the mobile app easier to find.

  • For the General accounting by account and Quickbooks reports, we added an option to include batch and non-batch transactions in the same report.

  • The check request process has been updated on the Goods and Services page. You can now create and request checks from the payee modal. Once you check the box to create a check, the choose payee model will automatically appear. Select create check or request check, depending on your permissions. If you need to make changes you can select edit checks to get to the Check Writing page.

    See Getting Started with Check Writing for more info.

8/11/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated the email for an eSignature to take families directly to the eSignature page rather than the main menu.
  • We added a column for Transaction Name to the General Accounting Exports.
  • You can now sort General Accounting Exports by preferences rather than the default date-time sort.
  • We added the Funeral Home name and Branch name to Insurance Assignment Assignee drop-down.

7/27/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated the Cinerator Facility and Funeral Establishment - Cases Embalmed and Bodies Handled reports to run multiple branches at a time.
  • You can now download multiple files at a time from the Files & Photos page.

7/16/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated the accounting exports invoice account number to pull from the child organization rather than the parent organization.
  • Insured Person, Employer Name, Employer Phone and Employer Email are no longer required fields to submit a CLAIMCHECK group assignment.

7/12/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • You can now choose to exclude voided checks created during the reporting period on the General Accounting by Account Report.
  • To help reconcile your accounts, we added an option to sort by check number on your check register report.
  • Notes added to bank transactions will now appear in a column under Accounts.

6/25/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • To help with reporting, we added an option to select the cremator for each case in the care center. Choose from a list of Passare users or choose other to add your own. In addition, you can now remove custom entries from any drop-down in the care center. Learn more.

5/18/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We removed the inactive status in the Case Assigned To report column, to avoid issues when importing reports into other systems.

  • When submitting CLAIMCHECK assignments for group policies you'll see new fields for employer info.The fields include, Insured Person, Employer Name, Employer Phone, and Employer Email.

2/4/2021 - Planning Center updates

What's new:

  • You don't have to log into the Planning Center to preview it with a family! Select View the Planning Center on a case, and you'll be taken right into the Planning Center for that case.

  • Now when the family clicks on your branch name in an event, it'll take them to your address in Google maps.

  • Spell check is back in Obituaries!

Bug fixes:

  • Arrangement meetings were not showing up under "events" in the Planning Center.

  • Obituaries were not formatting correctly.

  • Funeral director signatures were not always showing up if the family signed second.

  • Passare users were being added to the list of Family & Friends if they used the preview link.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


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