2021 - Release notes

5/18/2021 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We removed the inactive status in the Case Assigned To report column, to avoid issues when importing reports into other systems.

  • When submitting CLAIMCHECK assignments for group policies you'll see new fields for employer info.The fields include, Insured Person, Employer Name, Employer Phone, and Employer Email.

2/4/2021 - Planning Center updates

What's new:

  • You don't have to log into the Planning Center to preview it with a family! Select View the Planning Center on a case, and you'll be taken right into the Planning Center for that case.

  • Now when the family clicks on your branch name in an event, it'll take them to your address in Google maps.

  • Spell check is back in Obituaries!

Bug fixes:

  • Arrangement meetings were not showing up under "events" in the Planning Center.

  • Obituaries were not formatting correctly.

  • Funeral director signatures were not always showing up if the family signed second.

  • Passare users were being added to the list of Family & Friends if they used the preview link.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


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